Writing research interests statement example

Ask faculty in your department if they are willing to share their own research statements with you. Identify specific aims that can be divided into short-term and long-term goals. Think about how you can tailor your research statement for each application.

How Career Services can help you The Purpose of a Research Statement The main goal of a research statement is to walk the search committee through the evolution of your research, to highlight your research accomplishments, and to show where your research will be taking you next.

How can your research be applied? Write how you became interested in what you have done and why it is still interesting for you. Sometimes you have to search deep in your mind to find the match, but do not be distressed — it is there! The best time to write your research statement is writing research interests statement example you have some tangible results that you can focus on.

A research statement is a document of one to three pages if it is not clearly stated that describes your research until now, your interests, and future plans. Do not worry, there is advice out there.

And you may only be able to write a convincing "future research" question when you know where you will be applying, as you will need to tailor what you write for each institution see example of what not to do.

PhD or Post-doc Position When the research interest statement is part of your CV, aim for one page, or around words. If you worked on several projects, make the connection among them.

Writing a statement of academic research interest

Send it as well to one or more friends and colleagues to get suggestions. Another important consideration when writing about your research is realizing that you do not perform research in a vacuum.

Research Statement

Conclude describing your current research by focusing on your findings, their importance, and what new questions they generate. You will also need to think about what equipment or resources that you might need to do your future research. The employer will learn about: Your CV will usually show a search committee where you have done your research, who your mentors have been, the titles of your various research projects, a list of your papers, and it may provide a very brief summary of what some of this research involves.

By Serena Quarta, PhD Before you know it, the day will come when your contract ends, or you just feel like applying for a new and exciting position. People like to work with passionate and enthusiastic colleagues.

The clearer your statement, the more powerful your application! Yes, you have asked good questions, and used good methods to find some answers, but how will you now use this foundation to take you into your future? Sometimes you need to produce a separate file, which is often required for faculty positions.

You will have the chance to: In this statement also mention potential funding your research could bring to the department and which laboratory equipment and space the department should provide you. Pay attention, do not rewrite your CV, but define clearly your research interests.

Seek advice from current faculty and new hires about the conventions of your discipline if you are in doubt. Basically, when applying for a PhD, post-docor faculty position, you will need to provide your curriculum vitae CVincluding the contact information of two or more references, sometimes specific certificates e.

Sample Teaching and Research Statements

Finally, be prepared to talk about how your future research can help bring in grants and other sources of funding, especially if you have a good track record of receiving awards and fellowships. Also include potential applications of your research; collaborations with industrial partners can strengthen your application.

You should try to draft your own research statement first before you review any statements shared with you. Since the future research could not be completed at this university, the candidate was no longer a good fit.

This candidate had a well-written cover letter and CV, and at first glance looked to be a strong candidate. Include some preliminary data, if you can, and be more detailed and precise.The most common challenge that my clients face when writing a statement of purpose (SOP) for a Master’s or PhD application is how to describe, in concrete terms, what their research interests and goals are.

It’s one thing to express interest in a field, or explain where that interest came from—but when it comes to setting out some plans. Writing a statement of academic research interest Your ‘statement of research interests’ contains a proposal for future academic research and shows how that builds on your current expertise and achievements.

Research & Teaching Statements Research and Teaching Statements (separate documents) are supplemental materials for most academic searches. However, some search committees require them.

How to Write a Killer Research Interest Statement

Developing a Winning Research Statement • “Writing a research statement”, Jim Austin (), mint-body.com This document is about you: who you are as a scientist, what interests you, where you see your research going in the future.

Don’t make it solely about the research (like you would a research manuscript or grant). Use. Writing an Effective Statement of Interest As part of the application process for certain positions, you may be asked to write a statement of interest.

The Purpose of a Research Statement. The main goal of a research statement is to walk the search committee through the evolution of your research, to highlight your research accomplishments, and to show where your research will be taking you next.

Writing research interests statement example
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