The sky is gray essay

Rather than explaining his position to her in such a way that she will be able to understand it, he raises his argument to a metaphysical level and alienates her: Can I get a job tomorrow? Her alternative, however, creates an atmosphere which, for James, is potentially equal in the dangers it poses.

The Sky Is Gray

But instead, Gaines allows James to tell his story in his own words. Though still a child, James is on the verge of youth. Dissertation systematischer review marriage is a private affair theme essay best essay writing service uk reviews arms networked digital library of theses and dissertations answers lalla essaydi interview with the vampire reconstruction in the south essay help hart and risley critique essay research papers on debt sustainability essays on news articles pangangatwiran essays essay on autobiography of tree in marathi precis essay essay for turkey scholarship simple essay on loadshedding philippe cassard natalie dessay queen installation art dissertation le coeur de madame sabali critique essay?

The argument between the men focuses on the existence of God. James in "The Sky is Gray" shows a black male growing up in a home without a father figure present learns the life lesson of poverty yet proud.

If one reverts to the easiest sort of race-based reading, one will invariably decide to read the story as one about victimhood. Twenty-five for me to come back, twenty-five for him.

He just reads in his book. But if one takes a step back from the more obvious reading another, more subtle, reading begins to emerge. It also involves the problem of integrating the individual and the community in a mutually rewarding relationship in the face of dehumanizing individualistic forces.

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Gaines in much of his fiction. The Student The student, or the boy, is somewhat out of place in this story, but was certainly not out of place at the time the story was written. Figuratively, it is a metaphor of the collective black experience.

The purpose of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body, and nothing else. Fifty cents left guess I get a little piece of salt meat with that. This time the trial is so severe that the verbal command is ineffectual: Whatever their struggles, their successes and failures, they move toward a perception of their dignity.

One means nothing more than the other.

The Sky Is Gray Essay

As a result, she has made protecting James from becoming vulnerable her primary goal in life. In these stories, black folk culture, with its emphasis on community-defined values and behaviors, shows signs of deterioration, while Western individualism and the development of more personally-defined values appear as catalysts in the demise of the black folk world view.

Class Inequality Only slightly less prominent than the theme of Civil Rights is class inequality. Her personal situation can be seen as a metaphor for the plight of blacks. Wrtg reflective essays essay human body parts.

The Sky is Gray

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The great fear here is not the capriciousness of white townfolk, but of being beholden, as a result of their poverty, to anyone.

Consequently, in attempting to communicate with the community, he feels frustration, which reinforces his belief in his own isolation. In both cases, the situation is presented as a puzzle to the young who must attempt to resolve the conflicts that come about as a result of this realization. Observing his mother manipulate their environment moves James closer to what will be his particular entry into manhood, the psychic freedom that comes from emotional self-mastery.


Dollar and a half to have it pulled. The first thing that James learns is to rein in his potential visuality—to accept verbal blinders for his eyes: Louisiana State University Press, His feelings of isolation are clearly illustrated in his conversation with a woman who attempts to take his side in the disagreement.

Dependency on the philanthropy and good will of others leads to vulnerability when that support is no longer forthcoming. The sky is gray essay the exchange between the men, the minister exposes the weakness of his position when he becomes frustrated and strikes the student.

Taking what she has—her pride and her poverty—she moves toward her goal of inculcating in James a sense of independence and dignity in self undeterred by offers of kindness and generosity.A Critique of "The Sky Is Gray" The short story, "The Sky Is Gray," by Ernest J Gaines, is an initiation story told from the point of view of an eleven year old boy, James.

The story takes place during the 's in Louisiana in which segregation is a real, hard fact of life. Poverty in The Sky is Gray by Ernest J. Gaines Essays - In the short story “The Sky is Gray”, Ernest J. Gaines shows the struggles, inflicted by poverty, in an eight-year-old boys life. This poor, Negro boy, James, lives with his mother and five other relatives while his father is away.

The Sky is Gray Essay - James, the narrator in Ernest Gaines' "The Sky is Gray" is an eight-year-old African American male who is still a child but being the oldest male in the household he faces more responsibility than a normal young boy would. “The Sky is Gray” contains many of the themes and images Gaines returns to again and again in his work: themes of personal responsibility, grace under pressure, and moral behavior; images of strong mothers, mysteriously absent fathers, and families in which love is expressed more often in harsh words or silence than in overt praise or affection.

In the short story "The Sky is Gray", Ernest J. Gaines shows the struggles, inflicted by poverty, in an eight-year-old boys life. This poor, Negro boy, James, lives with his mother and five other relatives while his father is away/5(1). It is my belief that Gaines' "The Sky is Gray" depicts the possible roots of a public leader, in the way the nature of the young narrator James is portrayed it illuminates the character traits in civil leader.

The sky is gray essay
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