The importance of visualization in renaissance writing

They Have to See It to Write It: Visualization and the Reading-Writing Connection

Teaching my students to visualize as readers and include visualization as the first part of the writing process helped them become more than just comfortable with writing, it helped them learn to think like writers—a skill I hope they carry with them from now on.

It was time to cut the pumpkin, and boy was I ready. He was always wearing that red shirt. Jana decided the best way for her to begin was to combine a clear picture of her topic a favorite pair of jeans with some similes to give a more emotional picture of what the pants meant to her.

They were proof that students had something important to say. Our next step was to turn the pictures into words.

Blank pages were filled with personal stories, and my students were using words to share what they saw in their imaginations and memories.

I looked around the room. Find out why Stony Brook University has become an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world.

We began class discussions by describing the movie we saw in our heads while we read. I had to find a way to make the reading-writing connection real to them; to show them that words were just a vehicle for the ideas they wanted to share.

Sometimes keeping track of how you the importance of visualization in renaissance writing feel can.

What Are Some Characteristics of Renaissance Literature?

Another wrote in his reading journal, I see a picture show going on in my head. I looked up and saw my cousin. But this way of thinking about words as communicators of images really impacted how my students looked at their own writing from the perspective of the audience, which was an added bonus beyond improving student writing fluency.

Put down what you want them to see and while you are doing it, think about why you want them to see it. Like I was at the movies. No More Blank Pages Instead of using a series of webs, or outlines, or even the freewriting that had frustrated us so acutely before, my students began writing with drawing.

His warm, brown eyes were like pools of slushy mud that somehow comforted me and at the same time his goofy but straight smile made me giggle. Making Meaning with Texts: So people can focus on the topic and not the sky unless the topic has to do with the sky," added another group member.

I asked students to write about what they drew; to describe the scene and share the emotions and thoughts that went with it.

Pretty brown glittery eyes with blonde hair she was a white doll and she had a soft stomach. Thinking about how good writers paint pictures with words and good readers create those pictures and fill in gaps with their own experiences as they read, I came up with a theory.

When we talked as a class about how visualization was affecting their reading, my students did something that surprised me—they began to think like writers without even realizing it.Renaissance literature is characterized by a tendency toward humanist, or nonreligious, topics. The period as a whole marked a dramatic shift away from strict adherence to Church doctrines, and much of the literature of the era, such as Shakespeare's "Hamlet," depicts secular philosophical struggles.

The Renaissance was a time when humanity began to rise from the intellectual decline of the Middle Ages. During this time, scholars began to look to the ideals of the ancient philosophers of the classical world, a time of high standards and of human achievement/5(3).

The Renaissance was a period in European history marked by a cultural flowering. The Renaissance is defined as the revival or rebirth of the arts.

The home of the Renaissance was Italy, with its position of prominence on the Mediterranean Sea. They Have to See It to Write It: Visualization and the Reading-Writing Connection. By: Elizabeth Dinkins Date: November 1, Summary: Frustrated by her students’ reluctance to write, a seventh-grade teacher shows them how to “see” what they’re reading and draw what they want to write about—and they begin to think like writers.

Essay on The English Renaissance ; Writing works began as orals to be scribed long after they were created. These were later passed down through generations as stories, rhymes, poems, etc.

After paper was invented by the Chinese, a new revelation was triggered. Arounda man by the name of Johannes Gutenberg, invented the. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source.

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The importance of visualization in renaissance writing
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