The benefits of learner autonomy education essay

Dam suggests the gradual inclusion of techniques into language teaching in order to promote this. Through careful planning and cooperation between learners and educators, autonomy can be taught to effectively achieve educational outcomes.

It seems that the central thread of the success of these guidelines is the reliance on self-assessment and reflection. Autonomy in Language Learning,Hong Kong: Examples of these include a continuous assessment model in the classroom by both learners and peers therefore including an element of self-assessment, a certain level of useful learning techniques and the use of the target language in learning from the beginning, rather than gradual inclusion.

This in itself is highly relevant to the development of reflective skills that are required by autonomous learners. However, despite this the vast majority of students do not possess the motivation nor ambition to become autonomous learners Chan et al, Learner autonomy seems to lack a specific and uniform definition however has been variously described as being processes which the learner determines through which they acquire knowledge and skills of value Chene, or a psychological process whereby learners are able to direct their own studies in a meaningful way Ponton, It is imperative in developing autonomy in students that there be a strong presence of educator guidance, as Stephenson points out that often in autonomous learning environments, students feel more at risk of possible failure due to psychological factors of self-reliance.

There is a strong interdependence between learners and teachers for the development of learning autonomy, as to this end institutional context is highly relevant as there is a mutual co-operation necessary for the success of these learning strategies.

In facilitating a reflective environment, learners are more likely to be engaged with their learning in a way that is more suited to their needs. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

This is the philosophical basis for learner autonomy and through understanding this aims of learner autonomy, one can evaluate it in a broader context based on educational outcome goals. These kinds of learning techniques are useful for the capturing of the content of learning, the support of development of speaking and provide a useful focus for assessment.

This ranges from the provision of suitable materials, teaching material selection, appropriate language and culture engagement and the provision of suitable learning techniques.

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In essence, education is a reflective form of what was conventionally social interaction, and thus learners can assess their capabilities through interactions such as guidance from teachers.

Here, some comments with respect to the preceding list are called for. The internal aspect requires the development of certain psychological characteristics to allow the flow of autonomy, whilst the external refers to the provision of an environment that allows a meaningful opportunity for autonomy.

Teaching Tips - Developing Learner Autonomy

This encompasses quite clearly the ideas of personal autonomies and freedoms described above. He is not one to whom things merely happen; he is the one who, by his own volition, causes things to happen.

Learner autonomy research

The particular tools that a teacher may use are often varied, however with the goals of competence in English language in mind, one can see that with proper facilitation autonomy skills can be learnt to the extent that they achieve the educational outcomes specified.

According to Dimitrios Thanasoulasthe methods of fostering LA is precise to posit way of providing autonomy to teachers. This autonomy may also be effected by allowing students control of their study plans Stephenson, Therefore in some aspects, the process of learner autonomy allows a student to receive a more focused education than that which they would receive through traditional learning methods.

Therefore, to improve LA in mastering vocabulary is an essential cause in the learning undertakings Little, It is also necessary for there to be a healthy balance between both and not let these freedoms be entirely unrestrained, as this will also undermine teaching objectives.

It represents a shift away from traditional teaching and learning methods and in a way is more focused on learner output and the value of skills over knowledge.

Furthermore, the potential advantages and pitfalls will be considered in relation to these with recommendations as to the development and implementation of these strategies in a learning environment.

For instance, Benncited in Candy, One could argue that the aim or goal of learning autonomy is outcome based and therefore the creation of an autonomous learner is only necessary in so far as the achievement of these broad educational goals.

Global self-esteem refers to a collection of both experiences of Intra and interpersonal aspects and evaluations of the outside world that people make.

For example, the highest correspondence was observed between the presentation of oral language and task self-esteem.Essay Example: Learner Autonomy.

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Essay Example: Learner Autonomy

Specifically For You. • for an inborn capacity which is suppressed by institutional education; • for the exercise of learners’ responsibility for their own learning; • for the right of learners to determine the direction of their own learning.

Learners Autonomy and Independence in Language Learning Essay Words 5 Pages Lately, the concepts of learner autonomy and independence had become important concepts in the area of teaching. Additionally, others have outlined three interconnected propensities in language teaching in regards to the benefits of conveying learner autonomy: learner centeredness, individualisation and an increasing acknowledgment of the political element in language learning (Benson & Voller: ).

The Concept of Learning Autonomy. The concept of learner autonomy is interrelated to the concepts of personal autonomies and freedoms (Lamb, ). The concept of personal autonomy is a general idea that one should have freedom to.

Learner Autonomy

Use of Learner Autonomy in Teaching Speaking by Tertiary contribution in adult education as it gives learners full freedom in learning. Adult learning demands it most as Furthermore, all these benefits will enhance a learner‟s communicative competence in English as well as in all other areas of learning.

Autonomy, Education, and Societal Legitimacy - Autonomy, Education, and Societal Legitimacy I argue that autonomy should be interpreted as an educational concept, dependent on many educative institutions, including but not limited to government.

The benefits of learner autonomy education essay
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