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The reuse of consumer electronics before they enter the management system i. Estimating the Portion of EOL Electronics Disposed To estimate the portion of the estimated EOL electronics generated every year that is disposed, we subtracted the amount estimated to be recycled from the estimated amount generated for EOL management.

Flow of materials and finances in the Swiss e-Waste management system, source [ 16 ]. A total of concrete specimens were cast to investigate the effect of HIPS and water— cement ratio on the fresh and hardened properties of concrete.

From another perspective, some regulations, which have been established to handle e-Waste, are often limited since they exclude many hazardous substances that are used in electronics. Therefore, business as well as waste management officials are facing a new challenge, and e-Waste or waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE is receiving considerable amount of attention from policy makers.

Distribution of used and EOL products.

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Future efforts to minimize illegal dumping will undoubtedly include a combination of aggressive legislation, new technological solutions, and increased public awareness through more education on e-Waste.

View at Google Scholar G. Present laws should be evaluated and modified periodically to allow proper progression. As can be seen, EOL grows from a meager million units in to a The improper disposal of electronic products leads to the possibility of damaging the environment.

Historically Asia has been a popular dumping ground, but as regulations have tightened in these countries, this trade has moved to other regions, particularly West Africa [ 22 ].

Development of Ecofriendly Concrete Incorporating Recycled High-Impact Polystyrene from Hazardous Electronic Waste Electronic plastic waste from outdated computers and their accessories have been on an exponential growth in recent decades.

Donation organizations also collect EOL electronic equipment for reuse or recycling.

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Payments as well as recycling fees, shown as green and red lines, respectively, indicate financial flow of the system. To be precise, United Nation University estimates that 20 to 50 tons of e-Waste is being generated per year worldwide [ 8 ] and suggests that there is an urgent need to develop an estimation technique [ 3 ].

The paper is organized as follows: Most developing nations are lagging in the development of similar regulations and especially in their enforcement [ 25 ].

Furthermore, surveys have indicated that much exported US e-Waste is disposed of unsafely in developing countries, leaving an environmental and health problem in these regions [ 18 ]. Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming, recycling also reduces air and water pollution associated with making new products from raw materials.

However, several pilot projects have been initiated in Africa to show that recycling can provide both employment opportunities for local communities and act as a step towards a sustainable solution for tackling e-Waste Wanjiku, [ 19 ].Research paper on technology in education board online database for research papers reading dissertation binding cardiff nj remembrance day canada essay social 20 1 essays on education write an essay in which you explain parasitism mutualism and commensalism.

Dissertation in real estate management system essay writing about new zealand. View E-waste Research Papers on for free. Abstract—Electronic waste may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets and refrigerators.

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Study Paper On e-waste management By Ram Krishna, DDG(FA), TEC, New Delhi & Works of the Research unit of Rajya Sabha Secretariat 15 Stakeholders 15 In this paper an approach is made towards assessing the present situation of e-waste.

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