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Scores will reflect students own level of achievement, instead of comparing them to their peers. A vocabulary book basically helps you keep track of the words you learn every day, and with it, it becomes easier for you to note which words mean the same thing and can be used in place of others; which can be used in argumentative essays or expository essays; and what they mean when used in certain phrases or sentences.

The new scoring system allows students to focus on their own learning outcomes. A vocabulary cloze is then given, also with a weightage of 5. To write a good composition, you first need to plan it. With each mother tongue subject, there are three levels of examination, the standard level, the foundational level and the separate and optional "Higher Mother Tongue" subject.

There is a two-section composition question consisting of situational writing, where students write an informal or a formal letter, informal or formal email, recipe, book or movie review, memo, note, report or even combination of multiple formats, e.

So, when planning what you want to write in your composition, map out an outline with these questions, such as: To keep the composition on track, mark out the characters that must change and experience the theme by the end of the composition.

Rum Tan In every English Language exam, writing a composition is a key part of it. At this point, you should also note what the climax — the most important aspect of the story — is. Your ending can have a twist in it, making your story surprisingbut it should also be reasonable and have meaning.

The PSLE English composition writing has taken a new dimension sincewith new ways introduced to get pupils to write essays.

Primary School Leaving Examination

Paragraphs Usually for essay with pictures, opening and ending will each take up one paragraph, one paragraph for each picture in the main body.

Both parts Situational writing and Continuous writing need to be attempted. Next will be Editing, where candidates are required to provide recorrection to spelling, grammatical and punctuational error in a text, which weights 12 marks.

Usually, questions will be based on one of seven passages in different scenarios. Number Of Words A lot of students are concerned about the number of words, some even count the words when writing in the exam. Your child should be open and willing to read more and read widely, reading newspapers, magazines, and novels that they might not read if left to their own devices.

The body tells the examiner what happened, where it happened, how, and why it happened.

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So, when writing the body of your composition, you should: A dictionary is a book full of words and their meanings, and also contains phrases, idiomatic expressions, and also serves as a thesaurus, giving you the synonyms and antonyms of words so that you know which words to use in place of others and which words mean the opposite of other words.

Determine which characters the theme affects in the composition. Take at least 5 minutes to plan your composition before writing. Reading will also give you ideas for your stories and your plots, making it easier for you to create twists and turns and make an interesting, compelling composition.

As long as they meet the learning objectives of the curriculum, they will score the corresponding achievement level. Your sentences should be short and simple, conveying meaning and making it easier for the examiner to follow the story.

Think of what you want to write and how you want to write it. There was also an EM3 foundational stream, in which a student took all four subjects English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics and Science at the foundational level.

Understand The Theme Through reading the pictures, you should understand the theme. Try them out, and see the results for yourself!

Students are given 28 30 before multiple choice questions with a weightage of 2 marks each, thus a maximum score of 56 60 before After finishing the above 4 steps, you should start to write essay. Expect fun activities, useful tips and insightful news on learning. A student can opt to take different subjects at different levels.

Conclusion In preparing for the PSLE English composition writing paper, your child has to approach the process as a fun, new act of learning.

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Colourful characters are essential in good writing. However, knowing when to use a particular word phrase, rather than blindly spouting out good phrases, will make all the difference. Multiple choice questions are given in the first section of the written paper; students will first answer multiple-choice questions on grammar, where students are required to spot a mistake in tense and provide the correct conjugate or word form, or provide correct punctuation which as of has a weight of This year’s PSLE theme was “a secret”, and students were given three pictures.

One was an envelope with the word “secret” on it, one was a gate with a padlock on. The PSLE syllabus in English for writing compositions is more challenging than it was before.

2018 PSLE English Model Composition (soft copy)

Usually, pupils will be given two questions or categories with fixed scenarios for them to answer by writing an essay. Now, the pupils are given three pictures, and they are expected to write a story about one, two, or all three of those pictures.

Mar 21,  · Picture books (but not throughout) are also quite good. because they can incorporate some of the key characteristics of the character into theirs in their essay.

Writing is a slow and gradual process that can be learnt through examining good writing habits of others.

PSLE Chinese Essay With Pictures Guide - How To Get High Marks?

Traditionally the picture composition which a student is supposed to write on consists of 3 related pictures and one question mark at the end depicting an open ended conclusion. With the new changes a student needs to be able to tap on his own vast knowledge and apply it to the essay that he is writing.

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Learn, revise and practice exam questions for PSLE Tamil composition. Includes study materials and online practice questions. Though complaints were made about the PSLE Papers being out of syllabus and too challenging, this continued in the PSLE Paper.

The difficult questions in the papers were intended to filter the average and below average students, as explained by the Ministry of Education.

Psle picture essays
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