Police misconduct research papers

The complainants find difficulty in seeking administrative aid. The protection of the fourth amendment, however, is shrinking; it can only be used with the presence of a warrant Meeks, 9. There are also other forms of racial profiling. However, after the Emancipation, lynching became a prominent form of violence used against the blacks.

Over the past five centuries, black people have endured violence in many different ways. Police brutality also occurs in prisons where the prisoners are mistreated because it becomes a simple case of authority.

For instance, Latinos and African —Americans have confidence that the police use this force on suspects, rather than the ideal victims of the offense. Humans have their freedom to express their rights and police brutality violates their human rights.

Further investigations also affirm that the brutality of police officers is persistent. This demonstrates the governments role in initiating and prolonging racial suppression and provides the explanation for police brutality to become a federal crime Black Radical Congress, 3.

First, it has forced black people into slavery or low wage situations. Racial profiling mainly targets young Black and Latino men and is believed to be a justified form of law enforcement. Racial profiling is considered to be a profile used by police officers to identify suspicious criminal or violators of the law.

This will enable them to treat all groups of individuals with equality; hence use appropriate amount of force. Their anger is imposed beyond measures.

Police Brutality is not a new issue; it has become more focused on recently due to some cases that have occurred in the past few years that have been highly publicized.

Nobody would wish to experience the incident. Amazingly, the police officers responsible for the killings are not held for long before they are released to their normal duties.

Police Brutality

In history, racist violence, police brutality, has been used to suppress the racial blacks and to preserve power and privileges for the white race. This was done for five primary purposes. Secondly, it puts people on an innate level. In many professions, this type of profiling is used as a form as security.

It is the tactic of stopping someone because of his or her skin color. Learn how to avoid plagiarism and conduct plagiarism checks for your work. Taxi drivers and security personnel engage in profiling when they feel fearful or threatened. Harassment takes place and no one can prove this but the victim and the police officer.

Police brutality is among the terms, when mentioned, would draw the attention of numerous people. There are five stages through which force can progress and lead to brutality: Even though police brutality is noted to be a negative incidence by a vast majority, some think that it is a better way of ending crimes.

Lastly, the fifth purpose was to unite white people across the ethnic, class, and gender boundaries.

If the police were not brutal, numerous crimes would be heard in every second. This is the most frequent violation of the fourth amendment. This makes them primary targets and poses a problem for some of the white people that also fall into this category. There is a violation of the fourth amendment when innocent people become victims of police brutality.

The main targets of police brutality are two third African American or Latino and the majority of the time the officer is white. Those affected are minorities and the elderly causing them to have strong hatred towards the whites in America.What are some of the fundamental reasons we see police officers engage in misconduct?

Police Misconduct

Why are these ethical violations so serious and how do they impact their relationship with the community? Police Brutality Research Paper; Police Brutality Research Paper.

Words Nov 7th, 6 Pages. Over the recent years, police have been one of the organizations to be associated with the largest cases of misconduct. Police brutality can be termed as the process of misuse and abuse of authority by the police. The rising cases of police.

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Since the issue of police brutality is based on racial grounds, the police should be held accountable for their misconduct. This will enable them to treat all groups of individuals with equality; hence use appropriate amount of force. Police Misconduct Order a high quality custom written paper This revision paper should be used as a source of ideas / reasoning / inspiration for your own research.

Through research, we seek to identify the causes of police brutality, and what we can possibly do to end it.# In order to research police brutality, I have examined numerous online journal articles.

These articles are written by professional analysts that specialize in .

Police misconduct research papers
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