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Fated to Love You A troublesome but eventually touching drama, Fated to Love You is about the unexpected relationship of two people when a chaebol heir, Lee Gun Jang Hyukand a "post-it" girl, Korean drama Min Young Jang Na Raare forced to marry after their drunken one night stand resulting to an unexpected pregnancy.

This is about a beautiful and excellent queen who had to face struggles in order to obtain brilliant achievements. The Gumiho then asked him to help her become human and teach her how to act like one. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality.

Because of her childish actions and overly-fashioned mind, she had frequent conflicts with her senior colleages and struggles with difficult cases. But as time goes by, our prosecutor princess gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice.

Will they have a stable relationship despite their huge differences? If not, which of them are familiar to you? Boys Before Flowers Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry-cleaning shop that is located near the luxurious and well-known Shin Hwa College.

Gyo Bin decided that he did not want to remain married to Eun Jae and tried to kill her. He possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. Angry Mom A drama about a mother who goes to school for her children who suffer from school violence.

You can also vote for your favorite drama on the poll. You Are My Destiny Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident.

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It tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Yu-jin, who was deeply in love with Joon-sang, still has a fire in her heart for him. His ultimate mission is to plot his revenge in the most skeptical way.

The 25 Best Korean Dramas

These two students are Song Sam Dong, who lives in the countryside, and Jin Guk, whom she accidentally meets while trying to escape from a loan shark. But no matter how different the personalities, everyone finds happiness in the end.

The female lead, Na Mi-Rae, chased her dream of working inside the broadcast world. Featuring the hardships in the life of Go Eun Chan as she works many jobs to pay off debts and even gave up her feminine image.

Ahn Hyo Seop Talks About His Experience Working With Yang Se Jong And Shin Hye Sun On “30 But 17”

After Eun Chan bumped into Han Kyul and was mistaken for a boy, Han Kyul decided to hire Eun Chan to be his gay lover in order to avoid the arranged dates. Dae Woong was so frightened that he ran away from her and became severely injured. After the group announced their breakup, Ku Ae-Jung experienced many difficulties in life.

If yes, how many among the Top 25 Korean Dramas have you watched? He was also abused by his father and abandoned by his mother.

Korean Drama Movies

That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. The two are in separate worlds until they met each other in an unexpected time, unexpected place, and unexpected way. However, due to discrimination by society, he has to overcome all these to succeed.Watch Korean drama online and watch Korean movies online.

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Korean Drama

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Korean drama
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