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This act includes all marine animals not just the species that are close to extinction. When I first started researching the Inuit, I felt that we should have left them alone.

Now that they are not allowed to do these things they have had to find other ways to support themselves. Hopefully they will be able to work together and find ways to combat the poor education, high unemployment, and social and physical diseases that are throughout the region.

I believe what they have started with Inuit essay in Canada would be the way for them to help rebuild their Inuit essay. Outboard motors, Store-bought clothing, and other numerous manufactured items have entered the culture, also money, unknown in the traditional Inuit economy, has become a necessity Friesen While we were doing this we also killed many of them unintentionally.

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This will prove to be a great challenge for them to get new laws and ideas through to the people living in the region. Nunavut is located just northwest of the Northwest Territories and is one of the most sparsely populated habitable regions on earth, see map A.

These problems are much higher than in the general populations of their countries.

Essay: The Inuit People of the Arctic

Gods, Heroes, and Monsters. The most profitable alternative that they have could also be the most destructive: The chemicals in the pollution can have serious effects on the reproductive system and central nervous system, which may have helped in the declining population over the years.

In conclusion, the Inuit and Greek creation myths compare and contrast in different ways. Pollution is not the only global environmental threat that the Inuit are facing. As in many other societies we have corrupted their traditional values and ways.

A huge self-governing Arctic Inuit Territory came into being this month to a grand hoopla. But now it is to late for that to happen so we need to find other ways to help them survive in the 21st century.

He creates the ox and caribou for the man to eat but tells him not to harm them Ingpen Now that they have very serious problems such as global warming, alcoholism, and a high rate of suicide they should look for help from the industrialized nations that took so much from them over the years.

One day, he notices a giant pea pod and watches it as it splits open and produces a man.

So, for the Inuit their lives have depended on the animals that inhabit the region. The origins of the Inuit living in this region is very unclear, it is believed that they have been there for more than 4, years surviving the cold harsh winters and cool to cold summers.

This would greatly alter the habits of the plants and animals that are essential to Inuit life. There is a variety of legends about the origin of the earth, but similarities can be traced through practically all of them. Temperatures in the regions range from —31 degrees F in the winter to 50 degrees F in the summer months Mastny Now that they have been in contact with other societies their lives have changed greatly.

With global temperatures rising every year the Arctic regions have been feeling the effects before any other regions on the planet. June pg inuit essay Becoming Modern: Some Reflections on Inuit Social Change. In As Long as the Sun Shines and the Water Flows: A Reader in Canadian Native Studies, Ian Getty and Antoine Lussier, - The Inuit I.

Intoduction The Inuit are people that inhabit small enclaves in the coastal areas of Greenland, Arctic North America, and extreme northeastern Siberia. The name Inuit means the.

Essay: The Inuit People of the Arctic The Inuit are one of the many self-designations of the Eskimo people. They are considered to be of Asian decent, which is noticeable from their small hands and feet.

The Inuit People Essay Words | 6 Pages. The Inuit People The word Eskimo is not a proper Eskimo word.

It means "eaters of raw meat" and was used by the Algonquin Indians of eastern Canada for their neighbours who wore animal-skin clothing and were ruthless hunters. Parallelism in Greek and Inuit Mythology The very early creation legends are difficult to trace to their original sources, since they were passed along by word of mouth from one generation to the next.

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