Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up

Moreover, the problem lies in the selling, distribution and marketing strategy of the company not in the product since, the product is wonderful and covering a huge market gap and by implementing a proper marketing and selling strategies, problems can be rectified.

Due to this the customer was unable to know what exactly Quartz is. Furthermore, the marketing and sales strategy of the company was incorrect and inefficient to pursue the targeted sales and to recover the capital invested on the product.

The above reasons were creating trouble and many hurdles for the sales and marketing team to effectively sold the product to the right market.

Aqualisa Quartz Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

From these things the cross dependency of issues can be seen and how they affected the product can be analyzed as well.

Furthermore, the company was selling the product through trade shops and retailers which did not have enough time to explain and compare the features of Quartz as compared to other competing brands.

Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution Related Case Solutions: Furthermore, these issues also had a cross relation with each other since, because of incorrect positioning the company set higher prices and due to higher prices the company should sold them through show rooms instead of retail and trade shops.

However, there was a huge difference among the existing products of the company and Quartz but still the future of the previous products was in danger because of Quartz. The company should take the steps below The company should sell the product directly to end consumer by eliminating the middlemen, wholesalers and retailer from the forward channels as, the product is easy to use and it can be installed by just making a little efforts by the plumber.

This step will be noted as a strategic error since, Quartz was a completely different product as compared to other products. However, the company spent almost 3 years and almost 5. In addition, the sales people should make awareness among the customers about the quality, usage, servicing cost and benefits of the product……………… This is just a sample partial work.This Harvard Business School case is an excellent example of the value that an effective marketing program could potentially bring to a company.

Aqualisa has appeared to have done an excellent job performing market research and engineering a new product that should satisfy the needs of consumers in the U.K. Aqualisa Quartz Case Solution,Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis, Aqualisa Quartz Case Study Solution, Problem Statement Aqualisa has succeeded in creating a product which is innovative and is the ultimate solution of every consumer in the market.

Aqualisa Quartz. In an industry where gaining a competitive advantage through product innovation was deemed impossible, Aqualisa developed a breakthrough product, launching the Quartz in the U.K.

Aqualisa QUARTZ: simply a better shower Case Solution & Answer

shower market in May with great optimism.5/5(2). hbs case: aqualisa quartz – simply a better shower. 1. 1. (A) After spending million developing the Quartz, the product is definitely worth the investment because (1) The Quartz is the product that answer directly to the customer needs and wants.

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Aqualisa products are currently available in only 25% of showrooms; however, the visual appeal of the Quartz makes it a perfect addition to showroom inventories and Aqualisa should consider making the necessary investments in demos and displays to increase its presence in these venues.5/5(6).

Essay about Hbs Aqualisa Quartz Case Write Up Aqualisa Quartz Case Write up Problem: Aqualisa is suffering from a lack of sales momentum with their new Quartz product line due to a lack strategic promotion.

Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up
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