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Chiu is concerned about his acute hepatitis that he had suffered from three months earlier and is afraid of a relapse.

Chiu both lived through the cultural revolution. The abuse of power is evident; his own communistic ideals are used against him, but it his abuse of that power that causes a dreadful event.

Nobody knew how the epidemic had started. Chiu off of himself, because of the setting, and shared hatred of the Chinese government. He asks his wife to catch their train and have someone get him if he does not return by tomorrow. Chui and his bride getting their sandals wet.

Chiu meets with the police chief, and they agree that if Chiu admits to his crime, they will release him and Fenjin. Chiu is arrested for sabotage, but the police are prejudiced against him for being a Communist Party member.

He warns them that they will be responsible if anything were to happen to him. Publication date "Saboteur" is a short story written by Ha Jin.

Chiu refuses to acknowledge guilt and proclaims his innocence. For his honeymoon, he chose to go to Muji City, located three hundred miles away. Chiu is unjustly arrested. Chiu looks out the window to see one of his old students, Fenjin, tied to a tree.

From the start of the story were he could have made different choices that would have led to another outcome. The young man confronts and insults the chief, who sends him to the yard in the heat to learn some manners.

Chiu and just back from their honeymoon.

A Matter of Character a Critical Analysis of “Saboteur” by Ha Jin Essay

Characters[ edit ] Chiu Maguang Mr. One where he caught his train went to work in the morning and no one had to die.

Saboteur Analysis

He realizes he has to sign the confession to get them out of jail. He cares little that his "punishments" become public because he is confident that when he denies such claims that the public opinion will turn in his favor. Their feet get wet and an altercation begins and Mr. Chiu keeps wishing he could kill all of his punishers.

He insists the officers acknowledge their transgression; instead, he is arrested. I was very angry, and I decided not to return to China. Muji City, a month later, has an outbreak of hepatitis. While having lunch with his bride, two railroad officers have thrown a bowl of tea in the direction of Mr.

Chiu is a recently married man from Harbin.Ha Jin’s short story “Saboteur” is filled with ever increasing irony from beginning to end that finally climaxes in the main character, Mr. Chiu, becoming that which he was falsely accused of being.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on. Ha Jin’s short story “Saboteur” tells of a man who seems discontent, idealistic, and gravely ill - A Matter of Character a Critical Analysis of “Saboteur” by Ha Jin introduction.

In Muji, Mr. Chui, is accused of sabotage and taken by force to jail after a run in with railroad authorities. His crime is for. Oct 10,  · Saboteur Analysis Ha Jin. Readers familiar with the literary tradition will see parallels between this story and the work of European writer In Ha Jin's short story, "Saboteur," Chiu and.

Chinese-born American novelist and short-story writer. Saboteur Summary Ha Jin. Homework Help Irony abounds in “Saboteur” by Ha Jin.

From the beginning of the story’s initial event. Feb 25,  · Saboteur is a short story by Ha Jin. It follows Mr. Chiu, a professor, as he is arrested at the tail-end of his honeymoon.

Saboteur Summary

Mr. Chiu is drinking tea while waiting for a train with his wife in Muji city. Police officers siting nearby spill tea on his wife's shoes, and Mr.

Chiu is furious. He is then. "Saboteur" is a short story written by Ha Jin. [1] [2] It was first published in The Antioch Review inselected for edition of The Best American Short Stories anthology series, and included in the short story collection The mint-body.com published:

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