Existence of ufos

And, there are ancient artefacts as evidence that suggest that this true. Almost confirmed by Nasa. Alien life has also resurged in popular culture lately. Pflock, who describes himself as a "pro-UFOlogist," investigated the Roswell incident over many years, at first as a believer in the alien flying saucer story.

First, there is no correlation between the percentage of those with college degrees and UFO sightings see tablebelow.

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Many have compared the images to previous photos of mummies from the Smithsonian. The data shows that UFO sightings do not correlate with per capita income, 16 age, 17 percent underemployed workers, 7 percent government workers 7 or percent that lean toward the Democratic party.

And, this idea was obviously thrown out. Are Alien civilisations real? Soon after the alien autopsy footage was broadcast on Fox television, serious doubts were raised about its authenticity.

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Although demons can use various techniques to distract and deceive people, one of their prime methods in this era of technology is to convince human beings that they are not specially created, but just one of a myriad of civilizations scattered throughout the galaxy and universe that arose purely through naturalistic means.

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Or, share this article with someone who might find it interesting. Professionally speaking, Bushman preferred to introduce himself as a senior scientist. As expected, measures of religious activity were negatively correlated with the frequency of UFO sightings.Watch video · The existence of unidentified flying objects using technology more advanced than human capabilities has been proved “beyond reasonable doubt”, the.

Existence of UFO's 'proved beyond reasonable doubt' as expert says earth 'could have been visited'

UFO sightings are not correlated with the percentage of Hispanic or Asians in a state (see table, below). 12 There is a barely significant positive correlation of the percentage of Caucasians with UFO sightings.

New Roswell photos prove 'beyond any doubt' that ET exists claim UFO specialists

However, there is a highly significant negative correlation of. The existence of UFOs had been “proved beyond reasonable doubt,” according the head of the secret Pentagon program that analyzed the mysterious aircrafts. In an interview with British. New images claiming to show the Roswell UFO crash provide 'undeniable' evidence of alien life - at least according to conspiracy theorists.

The images allegedly reveal the remains of an alien found dead in New Mexico, and were taken by Bernard Ray between and on a Kodachrome film. The existence of UFOs has "proved beyond reasonable doubt", a former Pentagon official has said.

Luis Elizondo, the former head of a secret US government programme, believes that Earth may well. The former head (pictured) of a Pentagon program to understand the mysteries of UFOs has said that such objects visiting Earth had been 'proved beyond reasonable doubt'.

Existence of ufos
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