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The 1960's - an Era of Discord

Taboos and norms about sexism and racism were deliberately ignored or relaxed. Hatred of communist influences within the country increased as FBI director J.

The McCarthy Era of 1945 - 1960

APA style The s The s was a decade of events. Kennedy on 22 November It was a period of time when Americans stood up and took full advantage of liberalism in America and their God-given right to freedom of speech to create a decade bursting with social revolutions. The decade came to be denounced as having had a lot of responsibilities and a decade of social decay.

Results of this included drug use, involvement in student organizations, and violent protests. TIME, Hippies were strong supporters of legalized use of psychedelic drugs, some even went as far as wanting children to use drugs. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigated the department but found no Communists or Communist sympathizers there.

The drugs used included, but were not limited to, LSD, marijuana, hashish, mescaline, and peyote. SDS used student strikes, mass demonstrations, and propaganda as tactics to express their extreme left beliefs.

It was referred to as the cultural decade. The fruit of the protestors laboring was the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act ofguaranteeing basic civil rights for all Americans, regardless of race.

Many young people used music, drugs, politics and alternative lifestyles in search of a better world and to rebel against the older generation to create what came to be known as counterculture. These had adverse effects on the economy of the United States.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott of was led by Martin Luther King and a number of other black leaders in Montgomery, Alabama after a woman named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man.

Martin Luther King led sit-ins and protests against segregation beginning on April 3, Examples for drug use were set by rock musicians who used drugs frequently and openly.

In solitary confinement, King wrote the highly influential, "Letter from Birmingham Jail," further encouraging protests. The counterculture lifestyle integrated many of the ideals of the time: Connor sent in firefighters to hose them away but they remained insistent.

BySDS grew militant about issues relating to Vietnam, like the drafting of students. There was also the Vietnam War, which entered the sixties having begun in the late fifties.

Most hippies were too drug oriented to feel any sense of urgency beyond the moment Thompson, Hunter page Several organizations had developed in the early sixties and those young people who opposed Vietnam could express their opinions in these such groups.

Truman ordered the dismissal of any government employee whose loyalty appeared questionable. Both of these groups had left wing beliefs and wanted the government to make some major changes in the way things were running.Free essay on The McCarthy Era of - available totally free at, the largest free essay community.

However, during the ’s, America saw a popular form of art known as protest music, which responded to the social turmoil of that era, from the civil rights movement to the war Show More More about Life During the ’s Essay.

Post War Romantic Era The ’s in America were a new turn in society. The meaning of love, friends, and earth were all commonly used. This era of the ’s were filled with baby boomers that had a great appreciation for life and love.

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Open Document. The ’s The ’s were a time of radical change. It was a decade where people began to question authority, and time of confrontation. The 60s were when the children of a post war era began to mature and influenced by the Australian cultural landscape and.

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The 1960's – an Era of Discord

Read this American History Essay and over 88, other research documents. The 's – an Era of Discord. The 's – an Era of Discord A young black man is brutally murdered for a harmless comment to a /5(1).

Essays on 1960 era
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