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Moreover, with the advent of the cable TV and iTV, e-tickets, e-bookings also can be done. Always close your TV switch before sleeping it may cause of short circuit. Thus, television holds powerful appeal in a country like India. After the tuition, I return home and after a cup of tea and some snacks I go to play with my friends in a near-by field.

TV has become an important tool of recreation, education and propaganda. Sometimes, I help my mother in the kitchen or go to market along with her for various purchases. Disadvantages of Television Cons of Television Disadvantages of Television If there are advantages of watching television, there are disadvantages too.

Serials from religious texts of all religions are also telecast thereby creating appreciation for all faiths still. Children also get entertain by watching cartoons, stories that provide you moral values and lessons. My day begins at 5. Television is also useful for the developing country like India.

A television also makes one aware of consumer goods available in the market and helps in making the right choices. Essay writing on tv serials drama, movie or telefilm have message at the end.

Addiction to television is just like an addiction to alcohol which affects us in a wrong manner. TV has many advantages and many parents also use TV as a substitute baby sitter to keep their loved ones busy watching their favorite cartoons or TV shows.

In addition, those who hate reading newspaper, listening to radio, or browsing internet can find it as an alternative. Merits and Demerits of Television Advantages of Television Pros of Television We come to know about current affairs, news going all around in the world. Sleepy Hours In the wait of our favorite TV shows, serials and dramas, we miss our sleep time.

Mentally Disturb The News channels shows some sad news which put human always mentally and people think more negative. We can update our self by knowing about the economy, we can also know about stock market etc. Do not watch television excessively as it can affect your physical and mental health.

Consequently, people forget their mundane duties, stop socializing with each other and start imagining that they live with characters in a film or a series. We may not concentrate on studies if watching too much of television. Corruption is exposed, increasing accountability of business houses, leaders, government officials and other institutions.

The dresses which are worn by the actors, actress and models are blindly followed by the youth.

Analyzing the Gender Roles Presented in TV Serials - Essay Example

Variety and spice in life is important to fight boredom and television fulfills this need. Sound Pollution Television produce high sounds and make noise in high number which is the cause of sound pollution and bad sounds make men min mental. Thus, a television is not just a source of entertainment but is extremely useful and helps create awareness for the latest happenings, consumer goods, social issues and causes, etc.

You need to teach some of the most important skills of life to your kids during the childhood phase such as creativity, language and social skills.

Sports Channels You miss the ticket of football match, cricket match or hockey match or stadium is far from you. Nowadays every person has access to it as everyone is keen to watch T.Writing a TV show is a process that requires careful preparation and planning if you want it to hit the air.

Learn all about writing a TV show. How Writing a TV Show Works. dramas on American network television. See How Reality TV Works to learn more. So, you think it would be great to see a TV comedy about a claustrophobic cupcake.

tv serials looking for someone to make dissertation introduction on gay clubs for 10 be true to yourself essay. Essay writing on tv serials Leeds Miramichi, St. Catharines edit my term paper on. Short Persuasive Essay on Television. Article shared by. Many serials are based on mythology, epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Serials from religious texts of all religions are also telecast thereby creating appreciation for all faiths still. Moreover, with the advent of the cable TV and iTV, e-tickets, e-bookings also can be.

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A Study On Television News Channels In Tamilnadu. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Suddenly is assassinated. Ironically, the first TV images viewers nationwide see are of her body lying in state, and close-ups of her grieving son Rajiv Gandhi.

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Essay writing on tv serials
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