Effect of lemongrass cymbopogon citratus and

Lemongrass oil is extensively used in aromatherapy, due to its therapeutic effects, which help in revitalizing the body. Lemon grass thrives in the wild even without too much care. Researchers found that an oral rinse administered three times daily was more effective than gentian violet, an anti-fungal medication.

It stimulates the passing of body fluids flushing out harmful toxins. It has a subtle citrus flavor and can be dried and powdered, or used fresh.

In Asia and Africa, Lemongrass is used as antiseptic, antitussive, and anti-rheumatic and to treat backache, sprains, and hemoptysis. Carbohydrate Polymers — Journal Jul Link of Lemon grass to Cholesterol The link between lemongrass and cholesterol was investigated by researchers from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin, who published their findings in the medical journal Lipids in Culinary Usage Apart from folk medicines, lemongrass is commonly used in Asian cuisines, especially those of Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

It also works as an analgesic and alleviates pain and inflammation.


Lemon grass is an antiseptic herb. Lemon grass oil is extracted by steam distillation. This is believed to be caused by the potassium in lemongrass, which can help to ease the tension in the blood vessels by acting as a natural vasodilator.

If you do have cancer, talk to your doctor before trying this or any herbal remedy, as even natural remedies may interfere with chemotherapy or other traditional cancer treatments.

It is also effective in stimulating menstrual flow and helps in soothing menstrual cramps and discomfort. The hydrosolas a by-product of the distillation process, is used for the production of skin care products such as lotions, creams, and facial cleansers.

This can be excellent if you are attempting to lose weight or complement your workout regimen. Tea made from this grass has the ability to calm the nerves and help a person to relax. In terms of depressionthe energy-boosting properties of lemongrass can help turn your mood and behavior patterns around.

In the study, scientists administered lemongrass to mice with inflammatory bowel disease and found that it reduced their inflammation both in the short term, after two weeks, and in the long term, after six months.

Frequent urination helps the body rid itself of fat and water weight. It helps to keep pets clean of fleas, ticks and lice. Therefore, if you are considering adding lemongrass tea to your daily or weekly health regimen, it is always a good idea to speak with your doctor first, to avoid any complications.

These species are used for the production of citronella oilwhich is used in soaps, as an insect repellent especially mosquitoes in insect sprays and candles, and in aromatherapy.

It can be applied topically on both lumbago and sprains and helps in relieving neuralgia. Fever Lemongrass is also known as fevergrass, as it is often used for bringing down fever.

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Detox Lemongrass has a diuretic effect on the body and is a wonderful addition to any detox diet. In the folk medicine of Brazilit is believed to have anxiolytic, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant properties.PubMed:Chemical composition and insecticidal activity of plant essential oils from Benin against Anopheles gambiae (Giles).

PubMed:Chemical analysis and antioxidant activity of the essential oils of three Piperaceae species growing in the central region of Cuba.

Lemon grass Herbal Medicine

PubMed:Gas chromatographic mass analysis and further pharmacological actions of Cymbopogon proximus essential oil. Functional use(s) - flavor and fragrance agents.

Has a citrus type odor and an citrus type flavor. The unique formula with 10% rice bran oil and shea butter moisturises and prevents damage caused by skin dryness. Rice callus culture extract provides nourishment and improves skin radiance. resulting in pore size reduction and firmer skin.

Plants commonly called lemongrass (Cymbopogon spp.) have grasslike leaves with a strong, lemony fragrance. Native to Africa and Asia, the plants are used. International Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry (IJPC) is an international journal that publishes original research articles or Short Communications as well as review articles dealing with all aspects of research on chemistry and pharmacy.

Research outcomes from medical sciences/case study and biotechnology of pharmaceutical and organic chemistry including synthesis, bioorganic, medicinal.

25 Surprising Benefits of Lemongrass

A to Z list of aromatherapy essential oils and their uses.

Effect of lemongrass cymbopogon citratus and
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