Duke cancer researcher quits papers questioned

This triggered a further investigation into verification of his research, which Duke cancer researcher quits papers questioned out to be falsified.

Kastan was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies in DCI researchers bring a diversity of knowledge which has led to a number of significant collaborations on campus and beyond. The institute, which was launched in Novemberbrings together education, cancer research and patient care into a seamless and unified venture.

Research Programs

Clowes Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to basic cancer research. In the majority of misconduct cases, it is the individuals who are closest to the incident that face the highest level of impact.

More than 50, individuals receive care at the Duke Cancer Institute each year. These findings launched discoveries that have provided a greater understanding into the causes of cancer and new approaches to treatment.

Slated to open in Februarythe facility has been designed to provide multidisciplinary patient care. In one notable partnership at Duke, the DCI is collaborating with the Nicholas School of the Environment to unravel the relationship between genes and the environment in order to understand better why some people develop disease and why some remain unaffected when exposed to the same environmental factors.

These researchers are dedicated to a broad spectrum of cancer research and the translation of that research into the latest in patient care.

He will be able to utilize these exceptional skills for the good of the institution and also for the cancer research world.

Pioneering cancer researcher will lead the new Duke Cancer Institute

To date, nine of Dr. Question mark added to title. DCI also has disease site groups which bring together clinical care, clinical research and basic research in a multidisciplinary approach to promoting and advancing the diagnosis, treatment and continuing care of cancer patients.

This entry was posted in News Archive. Potti was just an individual researcher, Duke has been forced into a position where it needs to take full responsibility for his actions.

From the Huffington Post: Institutions, publishers and patients can all be affected by the misconduct of a single researcher. Duke will likely try to recoup their image by ensuring the public that they are doing everything possible to repair the damages caused by the incident; and ensuring an incident like this will never occur again.

It is a single entity that integrates and aligns patient care and research with the goals of improving patient outcomes, decreasing the burden of cancer and accelerating scientific progress. This is the type of case where the cost of misconduct cannot be simply measured by lost jobs, slowed research or even financial losses.

Kastan is exceptionally qualified for this role. The Duke Cancer Network provides an array of oncology related services in a regional network of 14 community cancer programs in North Carolina, the southeast and Michigan. These community collaborations also provide patients and their providers with greater access to the most advanced treatments and clinical trials.

Kastan said he will also work to further develop the clinical research mission within DCI, collaborating with faculty and clinical research staff to achieve even greater levels of excellence in designing, implementing, monitoring and reporting clinical research.

It turned out to be untrue. The Institute comprises 9 NCI-designated basic, clinical, translational and population science focused research programs designed to address research opportunities impacting cancer care. Posted by David Rothschild on Feb 16, 4: However, every so often, a major case of misconduct comes along that causes widespread damage.

These individuals represent virtually every state in the nation and every county in North Carolina. Kastan has directed St. Because of the fraudulent trials, a group is now filing suit against Duke University: Through the Network, the DCI offers patients and their providers access to state-of-the-art research and education programs and provides new cancer education initiatives for patients in rural areas.

He is a spectacular individual. More than clinicians and researchers within the DCI represent 19 basic and clinical departments.Jan 31,  · Duke Medical has still failed to communicate to Duke cancer patients the impact of the disgraced researcher on their health.

Inexcusable, unethical – that is for each patient to decide. Why then would Duke Medical and JAMA engage in mental gymnastics to validate research that numerous researchers could not replicate? Quit at Duke meets the specific challenges of cancer survivors who smoke.

Access to research studies; Our clinic is located inside the Duke Cancer Center in It is open to cancer patients and cancer survivors. Contact. A Duke University cancer scientist resigned Friday amid concerns about his research that arose after the university started probing whether he'd lied on a grant application.

“The Duke Cancer Institute is an innovative and groundbreaking commitment to the future of cancer research and cancer care,” Klausner said. “Its success is not only important for Duke but for cancer patients and their families everywhere.

Concerns are being raised about the validity of research done by a Duke University cancer scientist who recently was placed on leave while the school investigates.

Duke Research Blog Following the people and events that make up the research community at Duke. About; About; Category: Dr. Huang began his talk with a statistic: only six out of 53 landmark cancer biology research papers are reproducible.

This fact was shocking (and maybe a little bit scary?), considering that these papers serve as the.

Duke cancer researcher quits papers questioned
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