Contemporary issues in strategic marketing

Understanding strategy, pgWEC 7. But Nims apparel has to keep in mind the following three levels of product before introduce any new product in near future. Knowledge management in the domain of customer relationship is basically a signboard for policies and strategies of the organization.

This report basically describing Nims apparel current and future marketing plans. Pressures from substitute products are almost low, because customers do not have many options as a substitute for ready made shirt. For an example warranties, post purchase services, discounts, guarantees, etc.

Liberty shirts was rumored to have used media connections to gain access to Armours media schedule, it was alleged that liberty then placed advertisements slightly in advance of Armour in attempts to restrain its growing popularity.

The Indian people are much trained and have the technological skills Contemporary issues in strategic marketing order to get the job done. Contingency plans …………………………………………………………20 9. Planning, Implementation and Control, No 3,pppp Capacity of the staff must be developed pertaining to human resource development and organizational setting to handle vast economic market for enhancement of quality and satisfaction.

The above set objectives are long term and short term the duration and time line of set the duration of long term objectives are minimum three and maximum five years. The American Marketing Association casts the issue in terms of questions business owners should be willing to address, including: A constructive feedback facility should be available and customers must be approached for constant meetings or rewards so as to enhance their loyalty towards banks.

With marketing trends transitioning from result orientation towards customer orientation, organizations are investing their resources heavily in customer resource management by intellectual implementation of information technology and wise utilization of knowledge management.

Current situation and trends: There should be incentives set apart for them falling under the domain of CRM. New market development can consider as potential contingency plan for Nims apparel, the reasons are India has low per-capita income, less developed infrastructure etc. They have four seasons which are suitable for all the products that are provided by the Nims apparel.

India has most of its population lying in the middle class sector. Recommendation to improve CRM in banking sector 1. After getting the independence from the British inIndia decided to have a democratic political system. The out comes of five force model are, the first quadrant of the model indicates That many local and international competitors competing in the competitive arena, it means that the competition in the market place is extensive.

Examples of Contemporary Issues in the Marketing Field

Continues learning about market trends is an strong and effective indicator about Nims apparel performance review, the introduction of Double bull formal wear is showing this Nims apparel is very conscious about learning and opportunities in the market place. With technology of web mining consumer profiles and data can be efficiently handled and managed.

Push [pic][pic] Keeping in mind all strategic factors, the best suggested available option in promotional strategy is the pull strategy, because Nims apparel have there own outlet so it will better to promote there products by own to make sure the effectiveness of their products in order to support the level of sale at their own outlets and get the attention of more and more customers at a time.

Largest number of owned out lets all over the India? By keeping in mind all above strategic tools and analysis being a marketing director of Nims apparel here I am going to propose some long term and short term objectives for Nims apparel.

How can I generate new and better customer insights? Which in result gave inform of organizational effectiveness. India has a much-diversified social structure. Marketing strategy ………………………………………………………… 6. Was there a disappointing ROI on the last flyer?

The cost of production in case of Nims apparel was slightly low because they have their own production and the second reason is availbailty of cheap labor and material. The second core reason to install this system into the organization, it will easy to differentiate Nims apparel services and products form competitors products and services by applying this system.

Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing Essay

Local and international brands competing in the market: Business owners must plan for changes in customer tastes and preferences, as well as predict the future strength of existing and emerging industries and product categories.

Assigned responsibilities to the agents were to play a role of conduit between manufacturer and retailer, by applying these Nims apparel got a series of loyal retailer which was the main contributor in their revenue.

If only you had more time, you would attend the marketing workshops, seminars and conferences you know could benefit your business. This activity is differentiating Nims apparel from its Competitors.

Effectiveness in distribution and strong relation ship with supplier? Implementation of customer relationship management requires acquisition, documentation, transference and usage of knowledge both internal and external to the organization. Business owners must plan for changes in their industry, the marketplace, the macroeconomic environment and the legal environment.Contemporary Issues In Marketing Management.

Strategic planning and marketing strategies pose up challenges to effectively define core competencies of the virtual organization. A common vision and a common agreement is quintessential for the partners in the cooperating firms (Kirkman, ).

ethical and social marketing strategies so as /5(14K). As such, and due to the plethora of issues that fall under this umbrella field of research, this special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing, having ‘Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing’ as its central theme, attempts to highlight a number of current key avenues of inquiry.

Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting This page intentionally left blank Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting Edited by ALNOOR BHIMANI 1 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6dp Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Marketing. Today's marketing world is in a continual state of flux. Unlike the advertising behemoths of yesteryear, today's marketers must make innovation and true creativity the first order of the day.

Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing Your manager has been to a marketing seminar on The Service Dominant Logic. He has asked you to produce a paper on the implications of implementing an SDK programme within the firm embraces both the strategic.

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Contemporary issues in strategic marketing
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