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He wakes up at 3am to go to work, and arrives at his Singapore office by 4am to prepare for his shows. Rico Hizon and Maria Ressa face to face. On his lapel is a subtle pin that serves as testament to his loyalties, a small, silver pin displaying three letters: He then asked Ressa why her reports in the 80s, when she worked for CNN, were mostly negative.

He loves hearing Filipinos tell him that they are proud to see him in BBC. On Wednesday, November 23rd, Ressa, former CNN Jakarta Bureau Chief, shot him questions, as well as fielded queries from the audience, who grilled Hizon about his thoughts on Philippine business, politics and attitudes.

He is more optimistic however, about business in the Philippines. Babita studied at the University of Wales where she attained a degree in journalism, film and broadcasting.

Filipinos have a lot of creativity. He says he never got his big break in the Philippines, until he was discovered by BBC.

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters

She once worked for a rival network, CNN, and it is she that interviews him today. There is a huge smile on his bespectacled face. But because of duties he still had to BBC, decided against it. She took on the main business role in earlyand began to occasionally present the overnight shift in the same year.

Today, Hizon loves his job. No backtracking statements, he says, all stories double-checked, triple-checked with two, three sources.

OctoberBank of the Philippine Islands recognized Hizon for bringing honor and recognition to our country worldwide with the BPinoy Award, and for advocating important Filipino values and principles, Rico received the 1st ever Yes The Filipino Can!

Hizon started his broadcast career at Manila-based GMA Network, from towhere he was responsible for covering capital markets, banking and finance, real estate, investment and corporate developments.

She became a regular presenter on the overnight shift inreplacing Martine Croxall. Hizon is confident in the ability of the country to have various hotbeds for investments, such as Manila, Cebu, and if the government can fight the insurgencies there, Mindanao.

His hair is peppered with gray. He recognizes the various platforms news is headed towards, and the necessity to connect television, print and online. Returning to the UK inBabita joined BBC Radio Berkshire, firstly as a travel presenter, later becoming a producer and Broadcast Journalist, responsible for presenting the five minute hourly bulletins.

When asked about how he proposes to end corruption in the country, Hizon emphasizes the need to start with the government, and the necessity of having consistencies in policies from one administration to another.

And if Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao were to run for the presidency in ? No, he bounces in. Hizon, a believer of positive news, says the Philippine press only reports negative stories.

He is happy to be here, he says. It starts from [resisting] basic bribery of paying a policeman to get off a ticket," he says. Read about the world.

Pinoy Anchor Rico Hizon wins Asian TV Awards for BBC News

He is the youngest ever recipient. Hizon talks about BBC with pride, but admits the network is "a bit late in the game" when it comes to going digital. More and more people are looking for business opportunities in the country, he says, but they favor a few individuals.

He takes his seat on stage, next to an old friend, a woman. He dons a crisp brown suit over a white polo, brightened by a red tie.

He ended the session with advice for young journalists, aspiring to pursue a career in news. We have what it takes to be world-class.

He says he has seen celebrities running for government lose in recent years, a sign that the Philippine electorate has matured.

He is loud, boisterous, a ball of energy. Eventually I want to go back…I want to raise the profile of the Philippines," he says.

She later returned to television, still in Dubai, becoming a regular on-screen presentetr for Ajman TV, scripting, producing and presenting the weekly music show The Twix Mix. But the efforts, he believes, cannot be exclusive to those in power.Babita Sharma & Rico Hizon of Newsday on BBC World News, London, United Kingdom.

likes · 1 talking about this. See more of Babita Sharma & Rico Hizon of Newsday on BBC World News on Facebook and anchored the daily business and finance programme Asia Business Report and Asia Today live from Singapore Monday to June Asia Business Report is a business news programme produced by the BBC and is shown on BBC World News during the Asian morning hours.

This programme used to be available exclusively in Asia-Pacific, South Asia and Middle East but, as of a 1 February revamp, is now aired worldwide. It is also currently aired on the UK's domestic BBC News and BBC One channel 3 times daily in the early.

On Monday, BBC World News will debut a new studio in Singapore for its "Newsday" program with Rico Hizon and Babita Sharma. On the program, Hizon. BBC World presenter Rico Hizon who normally appears on Newsday and Asia Business Report from Singapore appeared tonight from London.

Looking for Hizon? PeekYou's people search has people named Hizon and you can find info, photos, links, family members and more Rico Hizon Rico Hizon is a Filipino broadcast journalist with BBC World News. He anchors Newsday and Asia Business Report, which is broadcast to more than million households Newsday (TV series).

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters BBC News employs many presenters and correspondents who appear across television, radio and contribute to BBC Online. Rico Hizon: Newsday: Based in Singapore: Lucy Hockings: GMT: Katty Kay: Beyond Days: Based in Washington: Rico Hizon: Asia Business Report, World Business Report: Rachel Horne.

Asia business report rico hizon twitter
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