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When the white settlers mostly from United Kingdom came to Australia in the 19th century, it was inhabited Art gallery essay natives. Selva knew I was an amateur painter and hence, loved all types of paintings such as still-life abstract and others.

As a common factor in the two pieces of art mentioned above and in many others not mentioned here, I was particularly impressed with the quality of the paintings in relation to the times Art gallery essay this works of art were originally produced by the artists.

The children of the natives were known as the stolen generation named such because they were deprived of the opportunity to grow up with their family. Most of the children of the aboriginals were forcibly taken away from their parents and brought up by white parents.

There was even a section where paintings by Art students were on display and I must say, the quality and the sheer imagination of the painters despite being mere students, were breathtaking.

I set to visit the museum on a Saturday in the company of my friend Jerry who was not so much interested in the activity like I was but first thing first, I was on a mission and so upon arriving we went straight to the Art gallery essay gallery where we soon found ourselves surrounded by white walls Art gallery essay around, the floor beneath us was also white in color.

After three hours I was tired yet refreshed by the visit. This is not to say that modern artists are incompetent in any way, it is just but the appreciation of exemplary pieces of art.

Spanning more than two meters wide the painting was as real as apicture can get, the color shades and contrast on the picture made it even hard to believe that the painting was actually done in the eighteen hundreds.

This picture was acquired through the help of Mrs. We later adjourned for tea and pies at a cafe located on the third floor of the building. I must admit that the white color theme in the gallery gave the gallery an artistic ambience while at the same time making the art pieces on the wall as well as those placed on strategic places on the floor to stand out.

Describe a visit to an art gallery When I visited my brother who lives in Australia, he took me to a must-visit place -- the National Art Gallery.

The portrait was done by E. Scaife and this time round I viewed it in a totally different light or perspective, I felt thankful and great full for the efforts of Mrs. I estimated least a thousand paintings on display, a far cry from our own Art Gallery in Indonesia.

I made up my mind to contact them the following day. There was no entrance charge and the architecture was both impressive and unique. Since it was a public holiday, the gallery was crowded with students, parents and their children.

By the end of our tour of Art gallery essay scaife gallery I was completely aware of the power of art; it was like a journey through different parts of the world while still in the same building.

The price of paintings almost made me faint. It was the beginning of spring when I arrived in Canberra. The paintings on display were categorised into Asian, Aboriginal native Australian painters and Caucasian white painters from Australia, America, United Kingdom and other western countries.

I was most impressed by the aboriginal paintings. They were heart wrenching which moved me to tears. There is a sad history that surrounds the natives of Australia. From scaife gallery we went to the natural history section of the museum only that this time Jerry was more interested than I was.

A violent confrontation ensued between these two ethnic groups. The temperature was about 17 degrees Celsius and though my brother did not require warm clothing, I was all wrapped up -- it was just too cold for me coming from a hot country like Indonesia.

To me she indeed lives on through the gesture and the many pieces of art present in the gallery. It was such a huge display of paintings that I was sure the government must have paid big sums of money to purchase these works of art. The National Art Gallery was located at the heart of the city surrounded by fountains and beautiful rose gardens.

Judging by the obvious fact that artists in those times did not have the technology and tools that the present 21st century artists enjoy I was therefore persuaded that these artists were creative geniuses in the field of art in that they produced pieces of art that not only outlived them but also looked perfect and exceptional in comparison to modern art.

The gallery was quite expansive with people walking up and down the corridors and many others standing besides the white walls adorned with different kinds of artistic pieces. I do not recall any piece of art in the gallery that did not mesmerize me in one way or the other, I personally found it hard to believe that some of the art paintings in the galley were true paintings done by hand through the stroke of the brush, I even remember Jerry saying out loud that the pictures were software generated copies to the interjection of a gentleman standing besides us by reminding us that some of the pieces were produced way before computers were invented.

I had time and time again heard my cousin who is a literature student in collage talk of the Carnegie Museum of Art as the best place to experience the convergence of art and literature. It was amazing to see even small children appreciating such abstract paintings. Scaife in the lounge put up in her honor as one of the facilitators of the gallery.

Scaife and thus became part of the Carnegie Museum of ArtS.

On the top of my checklist was the scaife gallery which was recommended as the key area of visit for this assignment. While on the second floor Jerry and I could not help taking a pause to look at the intricate portrait of Mrs.

The layout and compartmentalization of the scaife gallery is very elaborate but at the same time making it easy for visitors and art lovers to maneuver through the many sections of the gallery, the museum also has very cautious staff that was ready and willing to assist visitors by offering information and direction to anyone in need of assistance.Below is an essay on "Art Gallery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The African galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art consisted a collection of different forms of art from many different parts of Africa/5(1).

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Sincethe National Gallery of Art (NGA) has offered a high school-based, multiple-visit program called the High School Seminar (Seminar).

Art Trip to the National Gallery Essay 21st January Art Trip To The National Gallery This year’s Art trip was really not that inspirational to me, as it was rushed and we only had about 2 hours and 15 minutes in the National Gallery, which was not enough time.

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I had never been to the Meadowbrook Art Gallery so I had no idea what to expect. EXAMPLE ART GALLERY REPORT! Portrait 1 My first portrait I am going to going to critique is a oil on canvas piece by Scott Jones B. This first portrait I am going to critique is called going on four.

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