Anne bradstreet poetry essay

The Puritan religion believed that women should be mainly stay quiet and take care of the children and the home.

The Prologue by Anne Bradstreet Analysis and Summary

Also, the foot and meter of this poem is iambic pentameter. In ancient Greek times, Thyme symbolized vitality and courage, and was used to honor athletes and dead heroes Wikipedia, Regardless of her acknowledgment of her role in society, she uses her poetry to convey her feelings and opinions about it through honesty and humor.

To be a Puritan woman during this time proposed many struggles, especially to be an educated writer. Her husband and father became prominent figures at the Massachusetts Bay Colony as they both ended up serving as governor at one point Woodlief, She is saying that even if she wrote a good poem, most people would think that it was either stolen from a man or even written out of luck.

This first stanza shows the irony that is displayed throughout the entire poem. Women were not given any credit for things other than keeping up the house and tending to the children.

Du Bartas was known to be her favorite poet and she deeply respected him and emulated him at times. According to Ann Woodlief of Virginia Commonwealth University, Anne Bradstreet had a friend named Anne Hutchinson who was a very outspoken woman on the topics of religion and ethics.

This poem elicits strangely varied responses regarding the tone and mood. The seventh stanza shows her admittance that men are at the top of the sociological pyramid and women are only there to compliment them.

One would see why Anne Bradstreet was not quick to publish her works, especially her more personal work. Anne Bradstreet is saying that she wants to be recognized for her work. She wants for women to be accepted as intelligent and opinionated people as well.

Thematically, Anne Bradstreet wrote about many different topics that are both extensive and varied. At times it was customary for women to be reminded in church by ministers that they were inferior to men New England Goodwives, Because Anne Bradstreet was a woman, she was not going to be taken seriously and was forced to adhere to her Puritan religion and society.

She did not agree with the cultural bias towards women in her time. She realized that in a Puritan society, women were not meant to speak their mind and have strong opinions. The voice throughout this poem is at times hard to determine.

Is she self-deprecating and self-denigrating, as some readers find, or a pre-feminist champion of her sex? She wrote in an atmosphere in which women were relegated to traditional roles.

Hamlet by Shakespeare Essay Even though she grew up having the luxury of an excellent education, she was still expected to live the life of a Puritan woman.

More often women were taught to read so that they could read the Bible. To fully understand the atmosphere and circumstances that Anne Bradstreet wrote this poem, you need to understand the Puritan way of life and its direct effect on women.

She wants her poetry to be recognized, not with the traditional bay laurel.Anne Bradstreet was an intelligent woman trying to write poetry in a patriarchal, unimaginative world.

READ: Dead Poets Society Even though she grew up having the luxury of an excellent education, she was still expected to live the life of a Puritan woman.

Anne bradstreet poetry essay
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