An argument in favor of cannabis in the united states

The first and most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal.

If our goal is to reduce drug consumption, then we should focus on open and honest programs to educate youth, regulation to keep drugs away from kids, and treatment programs for people with drug problems.

It should not be used recreationally, only for medicinal use. Although that day has not yet dawned, considering that during the last ten years eleven states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, that day may be upon us sooner than expected.

Even respondents acknowledge the existence of an illicit market in marijuana; indeed, Raich has personally participated in that market, and Monson expresses a willingness to do so in the future. As Lopez itself states, and the Court affirms today, Congress may regulate noneconomic intrastate activities only where the failure to do so "could … undercut" its regulation of interstate commerce.

No drug eliminates free will. Marijuana can be used as medicine because it helps to stimulate apetite and relieve nausea in cancer and AIDS patients. Some religions instruct their followers to use marijuana.

Just to name a few: The endocannabinoid system influences our immune system, protects nerve cells from premature death, and influences mood, memory, appetite, sleep, sensation, and movement.

There is no clear and obvious third party harm.

Should Cannabis be Legalized? 10 Arguments in Favor of Legalization

In the United States, all levels of government federal, state, and local authorities participate in the "War on Drugs. Overall, they are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuanadespite the fact that blacks and whites both use cannabis at similar rates. The government should not tell individuals what to do as long as they do not harm others.

Drug dealers will sell to anyone, including children. Because it is available. The War on Drugs serves the immediate interests of politicians.

The easy availability of drugs would create new consumers rather than rescuing current ones. Drugs deemed socially, religiously, medically or politically unfit for recreational use are frequently banned.

Save money Scarce law enforcement resources will be better used to ensure public safety while reducing corrections and court costs.

Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales. Amounts of active ingredients may vary.

They point to the dangers of marijuana, including the possibility of abuse and addiction. The Medical Marijuana Debate Until its prohibition inextract of Cannabis sativa marijuana was one of the top three most prescribed medicines in the US.

Marijuana Enforcement is Inherently Biased No matter which way you put it, when it comes to arrests for simple marijuana possession, black Americans are the top contenders.

Just like Christianity and Judaism instruct their followers to drink wine on certain occaisions, some Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and members of other religions use marijuana as part of their spiritual and religious ceremonies.

It refers to governmental programs intended to suppress the consumption of certain recreational drugs. Drug use is dangerous to persons besides the user, in the rise of health care costs, violence associated with the use of drugs, neglect of children by drug-addicted parents, and other third party effects.

These people get locked up in prison and the taxpayers have to foot the bill. Obesity is a national epidemic, killing millions every year, but the government has no right to regulate how much citizens eat. Banning the growing of marijuana for medical use, the Court reasoned, was a permissible way of preventing or limiting access to marijuana for other uses: The second important reason that marijuana should be legal is that it would save our government lots of money.

Such examples are caused by related activities that can be illegal without blanket prohibition. This section does not cite any sources.

6 facts about marijuana

The hemp plant is a valuable natural resource. The price of the final product increases to abnormally high values because of the black market status, which together with the powerful effects of drug addiction causes users to commit crimes in order to fund their addiction. Some even state that in a strictly regulated market, drug use may fall overall, by removing the marketing activities of the illegal drug industry.

An argument in favor of cannabis in the united states

Also make sure to check our Sources and Books pages for reference materials. Litigation[ edit ] On December 16,the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a preliminary injunction to prevent the federal government from interfering with Raich and Monson: Beyond the wide generation gap in support for legalization, there continue to be demographic and partisan differences.

Judge Harry Pregersonthe author of the opinion, noted that a minority of states had legalized medical marijuana but that under federal law, it is not a recognized "fundamental right" under the due process clause: Explore trends by gender, generation, and partisanship.

Cannabinoid Delivery Methods The active compounds in marijuana are available in several forms and can be administered in a variety of ways.There is more public support for marijuana law reform than ever before with new polls showing more than half the country is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization is an Opportunity level legalization of recreational marijuana and the United States’ obligation to prevent clearly shifting in favor of legalizing marijuana. The first and most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal.

Some people ask 'why should marijuana be legalized?" but we should ask "Why should marijuana be illegal?" From a philosophical point of view, individuals deserve the. Three reasons marijuana should be legal. Let's first have a look at some of the convincing arguments for why legalization makes sense.

1. A majority of the public favors legalization. Polls have pretty consistently shown that a majority of the public wants marijuana to be legal. Legalization Of Marijuana Essay Examples.

total results. Marijuana Should Be Legalized words. 1 page. An Argument in Favor of Marijuana Legalization in the United States. 1, words.

3 pages. An Argument in Favor of Legalization of Marijuana in the United States An Argument in Favor of the Legalization of Marijuana in the. By more than two-to-one, Democrats favor legalizing marijuana over having it be illegal (66% vs.

30%). Most Republicans (55%) oppose marijuana legalization, while 41% favor it. Republicans are internally divided over marijuana legalization.

By a wide margin (63% to 35%), moderate and liberal Republicans favor legalizing the use of marijuana.

An argument in favor of cannabis in the united states
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